Last edited February 10 2022.

Did you know you can get free satellite tv? No this isn't some scam and no it isn't from dish network, I'm serious. I found an article on the internet talking about FTA an I wanted to try it myself. I found an old WildBlue internet dish and had to replace the lnb. I bought an Amkio Mini H265 off ebay and hooked everything up.

Aligning the dish was the hardest part. I had a cheap compass to give general direction. I figured out the compass I was using wasn't to accurate. I ended up having to pick up the dish and wave it around slowly until my reciever got signal. I was trying to get Galaxy-19. After I got signal, I tried to keep the dish inline with the satelite and mount it to the pole. It took a few tries but I got it.

Is FTA worth it???

Well it depends. If you are wanting to watch HBO and all those movie channels normally on pay satelite, then no it's not worth it. You get what you pay for. If you are looking for a hobby; enjoy weird low budget tv; watching channels from other countries and; christian tv, then this just might be worth it.

I won't get all the channels because my satelite is undersized. I'm only trying to receve ku band. C band is where all the good channels are but that requires a bigger dish, like 10 foot big dish. I hope to eventually get a a bigger dish one day.