Thinkpad T450

I use this laptop more than my r61i. The r61i has a better keyboard.

Thinkpad R61i

My laptop is from 2007. I bought this laptop used, it is my first laptop. It started its life running windows XP. Now it is running windows 7 Home. It has a Pentium dual core running at 1733Mhz and has 2gb of ram. Works good still. 2gb of ram has gotten me a lot farther than you'd think.

Current Desktop

My current desktop is a hp terminal that has linux mint. It runs like a normal computer now. It contains 4gb ram. 16gb storage (I hope to upgrade it later) and a dual core AMD GX-212JC processor. The computer doesn't have any cooling fans, passive cooled! I'm still using my old sony trinitron. I may change to another monitor. I have a flat screen that looks like i can put the computer on the back of. Update! After using it a few weeks I can conform that a terminal computer can be used as my main desktop. It boots up quick i guess due to the hard drive being flash memory. Operating the computer you will find it is a little slow. I can't watch hd videos on youtube. 480p youtube videos work fine to me. Visiting large websites can be a little slugish but still useable. Same with running programs large programs can be a little slow. The cool thing though is that the computer never gets hot. Its not the best computer but it does what i need it to do and i like it!

My old Desktop

My computer is from 2008, It has an AMD Phenom 9100e amd and 6gb ram. Its old and reliable. Its ranLinux mint.

My computer monitor is a Sony Trinitron Mulitscan 200ES. Labtec computer speakers, Hewlett Packard multimedia keyboard and microsoft mouse. Brother B&W laser printer HL-2270DW. I stopped using the computer after the heatsink broke. I couldn't find a heat sink that would fit it so i gave up. The computer had a long run I've been using that computer since 2008.