Music page!

I have always been asked what my favorite music is and I've never really actually thought about it until now. I don't have a particular type of music i listen to I enjoy a wide range of music but not every song. Broadway music gets on my nerves.
Radio stations: I usually just listen to oldies stations or talk radio. WSM 650 is a good country station and you can catch them most nights in eastern usa. 550 am (forget the station) central-western usa is good country too. 740 am sometimes playes good music, you can catch them some nights in the more northern part of the usa and canada. 700 wlw can be a good station but has been getting on my nerves lately. you can hear 700 wlw on eastern side of usa. wrmi playes good oldies plus other various and odd shows. You can hear them pretty much anywhere in the usa if you have a good shortwave radio. I have listened to wrmi in the plains of Nebraska, flordia and in the mountains out west hours away from anybody or in flordia.

List of good songs with links!

Below is a list of artists with a few songs. Click on a number to go to a youtube with a song. Playlists are also linked to youtube.

Last Updated: feb 26, 2022