a very rough unfinished draft i typed up on my crazy phone

i was born in y2k. the 00s were my favorite time for the internet. being young and the internet still somewhat new and exciting. it was i guess the transition from fresh, exciting and expiramental to what it is now: a boring normal net, everything has axcess to internet. National parks now get internet axcess through cell phone towers. google changed from a fun website, to a do everything i dont want to be on here. GET MME OUT OF HERE.! E V E R Y T H I N G I S G O O G L E !! kind of thing. we are loosing stuff that we should be embracing. as we buy more online we move to the way of the net. its like we are investing in a false reality. Sure buying online saves money and is convient and all, but the reason its cheaper is that its more efficient. you know whats efficient an automated machiene. humans cause errors we arent perfect nor can we ever be , bbubut with mmamacmachmachimachienes taking obveer, the imperfect human is being left out. first compuuter i used I remember watching my grandma dialup to the internet and clicking on my favorite icon (i'll have to upload it later). She had a windows xp celeron h-p pavilion. I dont rreremremerememrememvrememremember (Thanks auto correct) much about that computer, it died an early death from an unknown cause. i remember there was a game on it i called "little bear game" and the sniffing dog when searching locally and the wizard. "family computer" ?-2008 IBM Aptiva with WIN 98 64mb and a 200MHZ amd k6 and the computer monitor with birds. i remember. dialing up to the internet to play webkinz, having to wait 5 minutes for each page to load. word 98 for typing in random letters to see what random words sspspespelspellcheck corr we ct them to (auto correct is drunk) and pressing go animate. I created my 1st "website" on this pc.

now i have nome (sserisoly (your killing me)) internet nnonor ccacan aafaffaffoafforafford it. dial up is out of question because we dont have a landline either to be continued and improved upon.... feb. 19 2019 12:16 am