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There are 2 ways in life; and that is forward or backwards. The ideal thing is to go forward. Most of us are going backward. As of now I am going backwards. I want to go forwards but am to affraid to take chances. I've taken a few chances in the past, some moved me forward while others caused me to move backwards. I'm afraid to move forward cause of the disapproval and the few incidents that have turned negative. It seems the negitive things have a greater effect on us than the positive things. All the negative I have had to deal with in the past prevents me from moving forward. I have freedom now. I can do what ever I want, but I still live as before, limited and unsure of what to do next. I'm not used to having freedom, i'm stuck on the negativity and unhappiness of before. I don't know what to do now. If I take a step will I slip and fall. Others think I will fall. Others have there idea of what I need to do but that is based on their point of view, not mine. I know myself the best. Trying to take that step always causes me to panic and give up. to many times have i tried and failed, but too many times have i succeded to be so unsure. I NEED TO MOVE FORWARD OR ELSE I WILL CONTINUE BACKWARDS

FEB. / 22 / 19__ 2019

I finally fixed my digital camera (Cannon PowerShot A530) so I should be able to add more images soon. Corrosion was getting so bad the camera quit working sometime before 2009, and i got it working for a short time in 2018 and made the video path in the woods with lights and then it quit working again. I finally fixed it and it is fully working!