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Here at MeatShake Corporation, we have a simple vision:

   Meat. Lots of meat.

We bring you our vision in the most amazing and scrumptious forms imaginable. Our dedication to meat is nothing short of mighty.

That's our promise to you, the valued customer.

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Featured Location: Long Beach, CA

This wonderfully cozy MeatShake shack is the second location opened by the eccentric record-industry mogul, Mr. Charles Raggio the Fourth. Mr. Raggio's first franchise was opened in the greater Los Angeles area at Melrose and Normandie.

"Oddly enough, I chose the first location because of music! I was in a club doing some A&R research. The music was so good on that fabled Thursday night that I must have burned two-thousand calories shaking my [expletive]. I was so thirsty and hungry at the same time, only a MeatShake would do. I opened mine the following month and the rest is history."

Not only does his first location enjoy nightly success with the after-hours club-kids, it is quite a popular and "hip" high-school hangout as well.

Mr. Raggio, we at Meat Shake Corporate HQ wish you much success with your new location!

We salute you.