ghosts and odd stuff

This is a page i haven't made acessable from my website. Consider lucky to find it! The things on this page are true, I just wanted to let you know that I am serious. I don't think most people believe in this stuff but I have found a few people who do. I couldn't think of a good name for a title but if you can think of a better title for this page let me know. Not sure if i should be posting this, if not let me know and i will take this down.

The house

I guess you can say the house I live in is haunted, but its not in a bad way. I haven't been in any danger and i don't feel like it is going to be any problem. I hope it is my great grandparents watching over us. I thought it might be interesting if i might share some of the things that have happened or still go on around the house

The fence in the front yard.

There used to be a chainlink fence in the front yard with a gate. Its not here now, but multiple people-including me- have heard the squeeky gate well after its removal. Oh it must be one of the 2 storm doors! Nope I have heard the sound while looking at both doors and its not the doors. The front storm door also squeeks but it sounds completely different, no not that either. Could it be the tv antenna on the roof? I have only heard it on the main floor or basement and not upstairs in the finshed attic. Tv antenna could still be a possibility but i don't see how. I believe it is the gate in the front yard that doesn't exist anymore. Other family members also refer that sound as the front gate. UPDATE march 15 2021 My step mom was telling me about her hearing it. She has only heard it once after she had moved in to the house

There is a lot more stories and i may add more if all goes well with this page.
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My Bedroom

hey you know what? I am not so sure i should finish this page. While this is a topic I could go onand on about; It also scares me. And I want to say this: Yes odd things have happened to me at my house but i still feel at home. Most of the odd things that happen to me, I take it as a sign that people have my back and that I can do this. For example; My bed room is upstairs. All the lights upstairs are incandescent bulbs. Lately it the upstairs lights have been weird. First it was the left light bulb in the 2 bulb fixture towards the front of the house, it would flicker for a few seconds after i turned on the lights and a little while the lights were going. If i got my camera out it would not flicker (figures). I broke my desk lamp and needed more light at the desk so i took out the left bulb in the front fixture, put in a screw plug and hung a work light on the celing and plugged it in to that screw plug. The drop light was now plugged in to the left socket that was oddly flickering. And yes now the drop light is doing the same odd flickering. Oh makes sense right. wiring issue. wRONG!

Soon after I was able to get a new bulb for my desk lamp and took down the work light and guess what! upstairs; towards the back of the house is another 2 bulb light fixture. Now one of those bulbs starts doing the odd flicker. And then a few days later the front fixture did the one bulb flicker, but this time it was the right bulb. About a week later I was in the same room and the 3way bulb in the floor lights flickers a few times and then about roughly 15 minutes later suddenly flickers out. Guess what 10 minutes later it turns back on and works fine for the rest of the night. The floor lamp has flickered a few times after that but other than that the lights are back to normal now. It was only one bulb at a time that did this and that is what doesn't make sense to me and they're incandescent. That is the most recent thing that has been happening.

Update march 15 2021 The flickering light stuff hasn't been happening to much lately. But we heard what sounded like someone walking up the stairs today. My step mom was telling me that she feels welcome to be in the basement as if someone is there to keep her company. That sounds like granny to me!

Nobody just walked in the door!

A few years ago I had freetime in the evenings before anyone got off work. Often I'd be working on something in the basement and hear what sounded like my dad coming home. I'd hear the front door open and someone walk across the floor. When I would get to a stopping point i would then go up stairs to find out nobody is there. This happened very often and I couldn't find an explanation. It hasn't happened in a long time because i am normally working at the time this occurs.


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