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BRING OLD AIR1 BACK 1/10/2019 On January 1st 2019 Air1 Radio Changed their music format. Now they say worship now, 10,000 worship songs without Ads. I looked on the net for more information and found this;SOURCE During the past year, we've talked to the most important people we know, our listeners. We asked them what aspects of the station resonate with them and what was missing," explained Randy Chase, vice president of radio at Air1. "The result is a high-concept station where every hour of music is custom mixed, with an emphasis on worship." That is a bunch of baloney, just take a look at the comments of one article and their facebook posts. The new air1 seems to focus on only women. They include plenty of pictures and texts to back my claim up. The funny thing is most of the people that show their disapproval for this are women. I have listened to Air1 for many years now. I remember always trying to find the best place in the house for radio recption so I could listen to air1. When I finally got my drivers license; my grandma gave me her old car in summer of 2018, Air1 was the first station I tuned to. Air1 stayed on my radio most of the time at home and in the car.