The Poor Man's Tips and tricks!

After wearing old sandles held together in duct tape all day; I realized I was the perfect candidate for this webpage.

Cheap computing!

I've managed to keep my deskop computer cheap buy keeping an eye out for unwanted electronics. My computer is an old terminal computer i got at my old job. It was in a junk pile in the breakroom of my old work. To most it looks like an old internet modem, but I seen usbports and dug it out to find me my new computer. I put linux mint on a flash drive, booted it and installed it on its 16gb flash? storage. Now i have a basic computer for cheap. Just keep looking, often people throw out perfectly useable stuff. I also managed to get a small refrigerator from my old work which works fine. Its rusty and looks bad on the out side but clean inside and hasn't missed a beat.