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My transmitter

Part 15 Radio

Here is my radio station! The transmitter is the talking house enhanced audio version (not version 5). It transmits roughly 1/10 of a watt mono. My favorite part? The FCC allows unlicensed broadcast if you follow the rules.

Right now I have 2 things hooked up to the soundboard; an old cellphone and a 5 disk cd changer. I can quickly load songs on the cell phone and easily play a song on it while I am changing cds. The cellphone lacks sound quality but is great for starting a song quickly. The cd player is good for long term use but sometimes takes a long time to change songs. I bought the cd player at Goodwill for less then $10 and it has worked flawlessly. My sound board is an XENYX102B. Its a basic sound board but does everything everything I need. My transmitter is good, I fixed the bad hum these transmitters are known for and plan on modding the sound.

December 2020 Update: I haven't had my transmitter running much. I've been unhappy with its performance. I moved and have been unable to get rid of the hum. I think it may be picking up the electric in the house and nearby powerlines. I started running it again with a diffrent format. Talk radio; the format which my transmitter was designed to do. I've had it going for a few days playing old art bell radio programs and have been ok with the results. Today I've found some old christmas mystery programs and I'll add them to the radio programs.

I would like to go back to music but i would like to get a diffrent transmitter. A CQUAM transmitter this time. The only problem is it cost over double the price.
Click here for an out of date picture (dial up beware! Large image)

Am stereo!

I hope to oneday come across a part 15 am stereo transmitter. Here is a useful website explaining am stereo. Provided are links to both the new website and the archive to the old one.
and Archive

to be continued...