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My transmitter

Part 15 Radio

Here is my radio station! The transmitter is the talking house enhanced audio version (not version 5). It transmits roughly 1/10 of a watt mono. My favorite part? The FCC allows unlicensed broadcast if you follow the rules.

Right now I have 2 things hooked up to the soundboard; an old cellphone and a 5 disk cd changer. I can quickly load songs on the cell phone and easily play a song on it while I am changing cds. The cellphone lacks sound quality but is great for starting a song quickly. The cd player is good for long term use but sometimes takes a long time to change songs. I bought the cd player at Goodwill for less then $10 and it has worked flawlessly. My sound board is an XENYX102B. Its a basic sound board but does everything everything I need. My transmitter is good, I fixed the bad hum these transmitters are known for and plan on modding the sound. I've found modifications to improve the treble and bass but out of all the capacitors I have none are the ones i need. Looks like I'll have to pay Radio Shack (Yes I still have a radio shack near me in 2020) a visit once this crazy virus goes away!

Click here for a picture (dial up beware! Large image)

Am stereo!

I hope to oneday come across a part 15 am stereo transmitter. Here is a useful website explaining am stereo. Provided are links to both the new website and the archive to the old one.
and Archive

to be continued...