Well I have been listening to shortwave a lot the past few days. I just wanted to stop by and dump some files and text on the radio page. I need to make a better page design but my desktop finally quit working. It died from capacitor plague. I will have to get another one of my spare deskops working before I do some serious work on my site.

WTWW July 29, 2019 [ROUGH DRAFT]
Today I Put in some some song requests using their new online request page. It took a long while before they played all of my requests but it was well worth it. I was hoping to request WOLD by Harry Chapin but they didn’t have any Harry Chapin. I settled on down on the board walk and submitted it as my first request. While waiting for the song I dug around the database for other good songs which I found plenty of. I requested the no no song by Ringo Starr and breakfast in America by Supertramp. I’ll post up a screen shot of the song requests list and whats left of the videos I took. My camera decided it was going to corrupt some of the video I took. ….stupid camera….

I can't get the videos to upload due to slow internet. It has been a few hours and i want to go to bed. I will try another time.

to be continued...